2001 Leonid Storm Time Lapse Movies

On November 18, 2001, two Leonid storms were observed over north America and Asia. Members of the German Arbeitskreis Meteore e.V. (AKM) went to various observing sites to observe the storm visually and with image intensified video cameras. Later the video tapes were analysed by me with the MetRec software. Beside detecting and measuring all meteors, time lapse movies were created for four cameras: Each movie runs at 180x real time, i.e. three minutes of original video tape were condensed to one second in the movie. The original AVI files are very large (between 20 and 40 MB), which is why smaller files were created with significant compression but still acceptable quality. You can download these files by clicking on the camera names above. Detailed information on the date, time, location, observer, camera and processing are given in the first frames. To play the movies, the DivX compression codec has to be installed on your computer. It can be downloaded free of charge from www.divx.com.

These movies are copyright of Sirko Molau, Arbeitskreis Meteore e.V. You are invited to download and use them for your Leonid presentations and similar educational purposes as long as you state the source properly.

Sirko Molau; last change: October 17, 2002